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January 2009 Meeting!

Aimee Cahanin, Computer Forensic Examiner, State of LA Dept. of Justice
February 2009 Meeting!

Jay Grymes, Chief Meteorologist, WAFB Channel 9
March 2009 Meeting!!

Vicki Ellis, Executive Director, Heritage Ranch
April 2009 Meeting!!

Verge Ausberry, Senior Associate, Athletic Department, LSU
May 2009 Meeting!!

Lamar Little, Chairman-Seminar Committee, SCORE
June 2009 Meeting!!

Pete Newkirk, Director, Dept. of Public Works for East Baton Rouge Parish
August 2009 Meeting!!

Joel Boe', District 9 Councilman, East Baton Rouge Metro Council
September 2009 Meeting!!

Dr. Laura Cassidy
October 2009 Meeting

State Representative, District 69 - Eric Ponti
November 2009 Meeting


Ryan C. Lowe, Sales Coach Trainer, Speaker
January 2010 Meeting!!

Janet Broussard, President , Blue Star Moms of Louisiana
February 2010 Meeting!!!

Bill Gvoich, Fitness Trainer, Lecturer, and Author
March 2010 Meeting!!!

Richard Flicker, PhD. LSU and Southern University
May 2010 Meeting!!!

Charles Trenchard, Department Adjutant, Disabled American Veterans - LA
June 2010 Meeting!!!!

Lori Koonce, Manager - Baton Rouge Market, American Diabetes Assoc.
August 2010 Meeting!!

Helene Wall, City of BR, Litter Court - District 9 and Captain Young, Sheriff's Dept. - Kleinpeter Station
September 2010 Meeting!!!

Lisha Landry, Attorney General's Office, Specialist/Mediator, Public Protection Div., Dept. of Jutice
October 2010 Meeting!!!

Cyndi Wylie, Breast Cancer Survivor - works closely with American Cancer Society
November 2010 Meeting!!!

Smiley Anders - The Advocate: Columnist
January 2011 Meeting!!!

Phillip Foster, Baton Rouge Zoo - Director
February 2011 Meeting!!!

Jenny Kennedy,on the right and her assistant, Capital Area Animal Welfare Society(CAAWS)
January 2012 Meeting!!

Norman Browning, President; Local Schools for Local Children
February 2012 Meeting!!

Cami Miller, Franchise Owner, Referral Institute
March 2012 Meeting!!

Glen Duncan, Discussion on LA State Flag
April 2012 Meeting!!

Kip Holden, Mayor President
May 2012 Meeting!!

Leo Honeycutt, Honeycutt Communications
June 2012 Meeting!!

William Daniel, Director of Baton Rouge Dept. of Public Works.
July 2012 Meeting!!

Howard White, Marketing Director
Top Choice Promo
August 2012 Meeting!!

Bill Spann, Human Resources Consultant, Postlewaite & Netterville
September 2012 Meeting!!!

Jim Stalls, President/CEO of Baton Rouge Area Better Business Bureau
October 2012 Meeting!!!

Scott Rogers, Around Town Show
November 2012 Meeting!!!

Norman Browning, President of Local Schools For Local Children
January 2013 Meeting!!!

Daniel Edwards, Principal: Woodlawn High School
February 2013 Meeting!!

Woody Jenkins, Capital City News & Central City News - Editor & Publisher
March 2013 Meeting!!

Troy Morris, owner and operator of Consolidated Inspection Agency
April Meeting!!

Joan Hoffman, Owner, Jabez Bodyworks
May 2013 Meeting!!

Dr. Katherine Beier, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with Shenandoah South Veterinary Hospital
June 2013 Meeting!!

Sheriff Sid Gautreaux, East Baton Rouge Parish
August 2013 Meeting!!

President/CEO Seth Kaplan, Baton Rouge Physical Therapy - Lake
September 2013 Meeting!!

Kip Holden, Mayor President of Baton Rouge
October 2013 Meeting!!

Norman Browning, Spokesman for City of St. George concept
November 2013 Meeting!!

Amanda Gustafson, With Volunteers of America
January 2014 Meeting!!

Chuck Bush, FTE Consulting Group, LLC.
February 2014 Meeting!!

Scott Simoneaux, Owner of Atchafalaya Crawfish & LA Crawfish Express.
March 2014 Meeting!!

Mary Gentry, Geologist with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.
April 2014 Meeting!!

Jennifer Mayer Capital Area CASA Association
May 2014 Meeting!!

Jay Grymes, WAFB Chief Meteorologist
June 2014 Meeting!!

Bob Breaux, SCORE Chapter Chairman
July 2014 Meeting!!

Randy Piedrahita, Runny for Judge 19th District
August 2014 Meeting!!

Gordon Hutchinson, on the right, Gunsafe - Professional Firearms Instruction
September 2014 Meeting!!

Kim Barton, Owner - Environmental Investigators
October 2014 Meeting!!

Cheryl Frager, Owner - Smooth Transitions
November 2014 Meeting!!

Carl Herrick, Owner - Sandler Training
January 2015 Meeting!!

Robert Chadwick, LA Department of Justice
February 2015 Meeting!!

John Ponsetti, Attorney at Law
March 2015 Meeting!!

Helene Wall, Assoc. Dir. - Postlethwaite & Netterville
May 2015 Meeting!!

John Davis, CEO - Secure Nation
June 2015 Meeting!!

Mark Kerry, Writer/Author
July 2015 Meeting!!

Warren Drake, Supt. of EBR School System
August 2015 Meeting!!!

Darrell Ourso, State Representative
September 2015 Meeting!!!

Charlie Harper, Child Evangelism Fellowship
October 2015 Meeting!!!

Sonny Cranch, Cranch,Hardy & Associates
November 2015 Meeting!!!

Gary L. Stewart, Author
January 2016 Meeting!!!

Frank Hopkins, Executive Bus. Consultant and Life Coach - Team Real World
February 2016 Meeting!!!

Scott Kirkpatrick with CRISIS
March 2016 Meeting!!!

Syliva Witherspoon, Broadcaster for Channel 2 News
April 2016 Meeting!!!

Shane Varnado- Owner of Core Health and Body
May 2016 Meeting!!!

No Meeting
June 2016!!!!

Representatives from DOTD, etc. on Jones Creek Road Construction
July 2016 Meeting!!!
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